Cristy Lane


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1969 Cristy receives a Special Medal for performing more than 120 shows, some in areas where no show had gone before.

1979 Cristy receives Top New Female Vocalist of The Year Award from The Academy of Country Music, one of the most prestigious awards with only one chance in a lifetime to win.

1981 Cristy receives first Gold & Platinum LP.

1981 Cristy receives her first Gold Record Award from New Zealand.

1982 Cristy receives the first ever Golden Reel Award for a Gospel Album.

1983 Cristy receives 3 Gold and Platinum Album Awards from the US, Canada and New Zealand.

1983 One Day at a Time Biography Released. Became the #1 Million Selling Biography and most read book in libraries around the world!

1984 Cristy is recognized by EMI and the recording industry as the Biggest Star of India.

1985 Cristy receives Platinum Album Award.

1986 Cristy receives one of a kind special award for her first #1 million selling Biography written by Lee Stoller & Pete Chaney, One Day At A Time.

2003 "Being inducted into the Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall of Fame was the greatest honor in my lifetime," Cristy said. "The Real Heroes are our Troops. You will always be in one corner of My Heart. Love Cristy"

2003 Full Page AARP Bulletin reaches 22 million in circulation

2004 Award for Top selling artist on TV & in print from LS Records.

2007 The Christian Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

2014 Cristy receives another first, the Humanity Award, for giving her #1 million selling biography One Day At A Time, digital or Talking Book®, to the world absolutely free.

The rewards she holds most dear to her heart are the heartfelt thanks and gratitude she receives from the wonderful people who love to hear her sing.

1981 Recognition Tribute from one of the many special people who have touched Cristy’s life by their thankfulness.

Lifetime  Ambassador of Song Tribute