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A Salute to Our Troops...The Real Heroes

Cristy with Soldiers on Tank in Vietnam

As a special thank you to all our troops, Cristy Lane is offering both her #1 million selling biography One Day At A Time and 8 songs off her new album "I'm With You Tonight," named after a new song written for our troops, as free gifts.

"You will always be in one special corner of my heart" - Love, Cristy Lane

The Veterans Of Foreign Wars Hall Of Fame!

Photo Of Cristy Veterans Hall Of Fame

This Hall Of Fame award is the greatest award in the world!
120 shows in Vietnam to the Hall Of Fame.

The #1 Best Seller That Has Sold Millions,
The Story of Cristy Lane, "One Day At A Time"!

ODAT collection

"73 Classics" 3 CDs + DVD + Book
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Welcome to the official website of Cristy Lane! For more than three decades, Cristy Lane continues to provide beautiful music and a #1 million selling biography, “One Day At A Time,” that inspires people around the world. From the battlefields in Vietnam, where Cristy Lane performed more than 120 shows and nearly lost her life, to her recognition by the Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall of Fame, Cristy Lane’s story is just as inspiring today. Here you’ll find the online home of Cristy Lane music, songs, television specials, and the Cristy Lane biography, “One Day at a Time.”

If you’re looking for a way to hear your favorite Cristy Lane songs, we have both full albums on CD or individual songs and full albums to download. From country favorites to touching Gospel classics, we have a wide selection of Cristy’s music at more affordable prices than you’ll find elsewhere.

You can even download 10 Cristy Lane songs and a copy of her #1 bestselling biography—for free! As a gift to fans, you can now listen to 10 classic songs and enjoy “One Day at a Time” as either an e-book or audiobook without any charge. Cristy’s inspirational rags to riches story is so moving that it is currently being developed for an upcoming motion picture!

Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States presented a Hall of Fame Award Gold Medal and Citation to Cristy Lane in special recognition of a lifetime supporting our nation’s warriors through uniquely positive musical performances. Beginning in 1969 with one hundred twenty shows in Vietnam, and continuing with performances throughout Midwestern military bases, Cristy has brought joy, a positive message, and comfort from home to hundreds of thousands of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines. Moreover, her recordings and biography have provided inspiration to millions of our citizens. Cristy has served her nation and her fellow citizens around the world with integrity, talent, and honesty “One Day at a Time.”